Tips for Hiring a Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Many drivers are intimidated when they see an 18 wheeler driving on the road, and for good reason. These huge trucks weigh much more than other vehicles on the highway, they take a longer time to stop, and they are difficult to maneuver and guide in traffic. 

While drivers of 18 wheelers are required to go through more training in order to earn a Commercial Drivers License, they still pose to be a risk on the road. If you have been in an accident that involved an 18 wheeler, and you live in Texas, you will want to find a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer to help you win your case. Rather than hiring the first attorney you see online, do some research in order to find the right one.

Search for a Lawyer with Personal Injury Experience

Because of the size and weight of 18 wheelers, a collision with one can result in very serious injuries and, unfortunately, sometimes death. In order to get the compensation that you or your family deserves, you should definitely hire a legal firm that deals with personal injury on a daily basis. These lawyers understand the laws inside and out, know what to ask for, and have experience with bringing a case to trial, if necessary.

Hire an Attorney Who Knows the Regulations

Truckers are required to comply with both federal and state safety regulations, as well as practices that are standard in the industry. Drivers of 18 wheelers also need higher insurance coverage than the typical motorist. While these conditions are mandated by law, every once in awhile a driver will fall short of meeting all required standards.

The 18 wheeler drivers who don't follow the laws put other people on the road in danger, and their liability increases in the case of an accident. A skilled 18 wheeler accident lawyer will know what to look for to make sure that the driver was driving with all required standards. If they were not, your compensation may be increased.

Hire Honesty and Integrity

There are many lawyers in Houston that you have to choose from when it comes to fighting an 18 wheeler accident case. Not all attorneys, however, are the same, and you should look for one who practices with honesty and integrity, and in your best interest. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for a referral if they have had experience with a particular lawyer that they liked. You can also consult with a few attorneys before choosing one for your case. Find out about their experience with 18 wheeler accidents, and get a good feel for their personality.

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