Minor in Possession: Underage Drinking

Minor in possession regulations address underage drinking. These laws focus on sale of alcoholic beverages to individuals who are below 21 years old. According to the Drinking Age Act, alcohol refers to various beverages including stout, porter, ale, and beer. Wine and distilled spirits are also considered alcohol. Public possession is another aspect highlighted in these regulations. It is important to learn what these laws include, your rights, and potential penalties in case of a possession charge. Click here to learn more about laws related to underage drinking.

If law enforcement officers find an underage individual in possession of any of the alcoholic beverage, the minor may face various penalties. On of the most common minor in possession penalties is a revocation of your driver’s license. The license may be revoked for up to 30 days. You may also be required to pay a fine, enroll in an alcohol program or participate in community service. Visit this website to get more details about factors that can influence the punishment.

The law also prohibits individuals of legal drinking age from offering alcoholic beverages to underage persons. Store clerks, friends, and family members can be held responsible for providing alcohol to minors. This is considered a violation of local and state criminal laws. Adults can face fines or jail time for this violation. Visit GGJ Law to learn more about public and private possession.

Consult a lawyer who specializes in minor in possession cases in your area if you are charged with this violation. A local legal professional is recommended because the regulations tend to differ from one area to another. You need an individual who is knowledgeable about how such cases are addressed in your city. A conviction can have an adverse effect on your insurance premiums and make it difficult to secure employment or a school. Read more about finding a lawyer on this site..